MOT Extension: COVID-19 Update

If your MOT date is 30th March onwards, you automatically get given the 6 month extension.  For peace of mind Google check your MOT history, which will show your new expiry date. Bear with it, as they have said the system may not be updated straight away, but it will be as soon as they catch up! If you are worried you'll forget, ring in 01322 271000 and ask us to note it against your vehicle and we'll send a reminder before the new expiry date. You can have it done any time you want between now and then.

As lovely as it is to be given a free 6 month MOT, it is your responsibility to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy.  If you get stopped and your vehicle is deemed to be unsafe, you can be fined up to £2,500, be banned from driving and get 3 penalty points, so please don’t just assume you can forget about any vehicle maintenance for the next 6 months.

I know it’s a bit daunting to work on your vehicles, but there are some basic checks which should be carried out, especially if its already been a year since it was checked over properly.  It is recommended each time you drive you should check the windscreen, windows and mirrors are clean.  Check all the lights work and are clean enough to be seen.  Check the brakes work.

If your vehicle has a handbook it will tell you how often the manufacturer recommends checking levels, if not Google it.  Perhaps you should make an appointment with yourself to check the following if you can’t get it to us?

  • Engine Oil
  • Water level in the radiator or expansion tank
  • Washer bottles for the windscreen and rear screen
  • Tyres

New cars burn oil, so it is very important to check your oil level.  Low oil can cause extensive damage to your vehicle, if it’s going to go 18 months, you almost certainly will have problems if you just leave it.

Water in the radiator is important as it cools the engine.  If the level is low, the engine will overheat and cause damage, in the extreme, it can crack the engine block.

You need water in your washer bottles to clear the screens.  You need to be able to see where you’re going!

Tyres should be checked for cracks and cuts as well as tread.  The legal limit is 1.6mm (motorbikes 1mm) and this depth must be across the middle ¾ and around the whole tyre ie no bald patches.   The easiest way to check it is to get a 20p coin, Put the coin in the gaps on the tyre.  If you can see the boarder that runs around the 20p coin, your tyre tread is too low.

Garages are classed as essential to keep Key Workers on the road.  We (Orchard Garage) have taken the decision to only open one of our sites, Park Road, so our employees can remain safely at home.  We are running Park Road and will continue to do so unless we are told not to by the Government.  Our opening hours may change due to demand, so please keep checking our social media pages for updates.

Rest assured, we are taking precautions to minimize the risk of spreading Covid-19; we don’t want it! If you want or need us, then please call and we will do our best to help. 

Together, we’ll get through this.  Stay safe!

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