Platinum Good Garage Scheme Major Service

from £245 incl. parts, labour & VAT

Platinum Good Garage Scheme Major Service

This is our premium, top of the range, service.  As well as everything included in our Gold Full Service, we use a Forte Engine Flush to flush, rather than drain the oil, then a treatment which cleans the inside of the engine as it's working. We also include a Forte Fuel Saver Treatment.  As an extra benefit, we drain the power steering fluid, then refill adding a Forte Power Steering Treatment to the fluid.  Full details can be seen on The Good Garage Scheme website

For every Platinum Service we carry out, we donate £5 to the Ellenor.


There will be an additional charge for vehicles that require premium parts, e.g. fully synthetic long-life oil, platinum/irridium spark plugs, specialist filters, etc. Additional charges will also apply to vehicles with more than 4 cylinders and vehicles with more than 4 spark plugs..

Prices expire 31.12.2019.

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