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  • So, would you let a hairdresser fix your car? No, of course you wouldn’t! But have you ever driven into a garage and just handed over the keys to your vehicle, without first checking that the person you’re trusting it to knows what they’re doing? I thought you might have… 

    Most of us take it for granted that before technicians are let loose on a car, they have been on dozens of courses and have all sorts of qualifications.  Sadly, that’s not always the case. Garage owners can employ anyone they like and believe me, I’ve seen some …

  • We love our cars – of course we do, we’re surrounded by cars all day every day, but we’re not alone.

    Lots of our customers have names for their cars and like to treat them every now and then to a wash, valet, perhaps the more expensive fuel…..

    Let’s face it, we rely on our cars to get us about, to be there ready to go when we need them. We buy our friends and loved ones little treats to show how much they are appreciated. Why not do the same for your car? And the best bit…..you won’t be in trouble with …

  • Your car’s timing belt, sometimes called a cam belt, tells the valves in the engine when to open and close. It keeps everything moving in exactly the right order and at the right time. And, just like the belt that holds your trousers up – if it snaps or comes apart, you’re exposing yourself to a whole load of trouble.

    Despite doing a vital job, a timing belt is basically a metal or rubber band with grooves in it. So, it’s a cheap part, sometimes costing as little as £30. 

    The problem is that they’re often …

  • Can you imagine a time when an MOT was only needed when a car was a decade old?!
    That’s how it was in the old days!
    The MOT (Ministry of Transport) test has come a long way since it was first introduced in 1960. Back then, the test simply covered brakes, lights and steering and unbelievably, was not compulsory until a vehicle was ten years old – something that makes us at Orchard Garage shudder!
    Fortunately, MOTs (which still retain the acronym years after the organisation finished) today are far more thorough and are legally required …

  • Road trips, extra driving on family days out – it’s best to make sure your car is ready for the summer, because no-one wants to be broken down waiting for recovery!

    Here are our top tips for safe driving this summer – pop by one of our garages to have a check or repair to get you on your way!

    Check your tyres before you go anywhere, making sure the pressures are correct. If you’re filling the car up with people or luggage, add more pressure to the tyres.
    Your tyres are at a higher risk of puncture in the heat if they’re not at the right …

  • We had a car in at the weekend for a vibration when driving along the A2, all down to the o/s/f tyre having cords exposed.... blow out waiting to happen! Remember to please check your tyres regularly for your safety. We can do it for you at either branch, or for a comprehensive check over of your car, why not book in for a Summer Health Check and we can check them for you whilst we also check the rest of the vehicle!? Only £10 at our Heath Lane site - 01322271000, opt 2.

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