We undertake most repairs, so if it's not listed please ring! 01322 271000

  • We are able to fault find, diagnose and repair faults to vehicle Anti-lock Brake Systems.

    The ABS light being on is an MOT fail as it means there is an issue with the system that is designed to increase vehicle safety.  It is very important this light is not ignored, but investigated.

  • We have the machinery to re-gas air conditioning systems and our technicians have been trained and are certified in the safe handling of these gases and this equipment.  Manufacturers recommend ac systems are re-gassed every two years.  This is to prevent the build up of bacteria in the system, to keep it fresh smelling and to keep it working at optimum levels.

    Often when customers come in because their ac is not cold enough, there is an underlying problem, which is why with each re-gas, we include a UV dye.  The dye is invisible …

  • We can test battery condition and vehicle charging systems. We are happy to do this free of charge, while you wait. Quite often we are asked for a new battery, but it may be that on inspection, the battery is not at fault and there is an underlying problem, which we then go on to solve. We can charge batteries for customers and we supply and fit new, high quality batteries, when needed.

  • Orchard Garage Limited, Dartford is an authorised PAGID Brake Repair Centre. This means we are regularly inspected to make sure we only fit good quality parts, we adhere to their fitting standards and maintain good working practices.  We can of course fit any make you choose, but rest assured, we only fit good quality parts.

  • We only use good quality, reliable clutches such as LUK, Valeo or Sachs. We have the tooling required to replace clutches on most makes and models.

  • £50+VAT

    We have several different diagnostic machines, which cover most makes and models.  Our technicians are trained to use these machines alongside ‘old fashioned’ diagnostic skills, which means we are very good at fault finding and correcting.  The diagnostic charge includes plugging in and the first half an hour labour.  Should your vehicle need a more in depth investigation, we will ask you to authorise more time.

  • We regularly carry out electrical repairs. This includes wiring faults, which may mean the airbag light is illuminated, vehicle electric windows not working properly,  starter motors and alternators.

  • We regularly undertake engine work, from minor repairs to completely replacing the whole engine. We have the equipment and knowledge to comfortably offer this service.

  • We always inspect the whole exhaust system when a vehicle is bought in to us for an exhaust. That way we make sure only the part of the system that is faulty is replaced. We always tell our customer exactly what is needed and a price before we commence with any repairs.

  • Gearboxes are specialist repair items.  If you needed a manual gearbox repair we would take the box out and put it back in, but we would use a specialist, whom we have used for many years, to carryout work on the gearbox itself.  We do not undertake work on automatic gearboxes.

    If you suspect you may have a gearbox problem, bring it in to us, as we can diagnose what the problem is and can give you a price to repair, or advice on the next steps to take.

  • We always pressure test and skim the cylinder head when we replace a head gasket.  When the head gasket fails on a vehicle, the engine block gets so hot, it can crack.  These cracks are tiny and can only be seen when put under pressure, which is why we always pressure test each time.  Failure to do so can cause problems after a relatively short while. We would rather make sure the job is done properly and our customers are happy, than cut corners.

  • We can carry out all types of suspension repairs.  This includes coil springs, shock absorbers, anti-roll bars, ball joints, lower wishbones, wheel bearings.  For any other queries, please ask! 01322 271000

  • We always fit timing belt kits, which include pulleys and tensioners, thereby reducing the risk of premature failure. If a timing belt fails on a vehicle it can cause very costly damage, so as part of each service we do, we check the timing belt intervals. That way, we can advise our customers when they should consider changing it, hopefully saving them a lot of upset, time and money.

  • Our prices for new tyres are very competitive. All prices quoted include fitting, valves and balancing and we also don't charge to dispose of your old tyre. We do offer a puncture repair service and where safe to do so, will always offer that option. As a service to our customers, we offer tyre safety checks free of charge.  We do not sell second hand tyres.

  • Warranty companies are notoriously difficult to deal with.  We therefore make a £20 one off admin charge due to the amount of time spent.   We frequently undertake warranty repairs and deal directly with the warranty companies on behalf of our customers.  If you have an independent warranty on your vehicle, think you might want to make a claim, then please bring the vehicle and paperwork into the garage before you speak to the warranty company.

  • We undertake welding work. Each job is individually priced. Our technicians are trained and experienced and therefore produce a very high standard of repair.

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