From £50 + VAT

AIR-CONDITIONING -  Manufacturers recommend that vehicle air-conditioning systems are re-gassed every 2 years to maintain optimum operating levels, and to keep the system free from bacteria and smelling fresh.

We charge £50.00 + VAT for an A/C regas with R134A.  We drain and then re-gas the system, adding a UV dye.

We are also able to carry out air con regas on vehicles with the new system, R1234YF; this is from £80 + VAT.

We have aircon santisers available at £14.95+VAT, which can be used with or without an AC regas to tackle any odours that you may have from the air conditioning system.

We can diagnose and repair Air-conditioning system faults. For leaks, we add a UV Dye to the gas we put in the system, which by using a special light unit, enables us to find where the gas is escaping from, as it is invisible to the naked eye.

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