The Do's and Dont's of an MOT

An MOT is a legally required, annual health check for your vehicle.  Here are a few dos and don'ts to help you out:

  • Do make sure your car is clean and tidy, inside and out. A tester can refuse to inspect a vehicle that is dirty or cluttered. 
  • Don’t arrive with an empty fuel tank or you could be turned away. An emissions check is an important part of the test and that needs fuel.
  • Do avoid failing due to something simple and inexpensive by making sure you check bulbs and wiper blades, plus tyre condition and pressures. 
  • Don’t assume that passing an MOT means you can ignore any advisories given until the next year, they will almost certainly worsen. The test confirms your vehicle met the legal safety and environmental standards at the time it was tested. 
  • Do make life easier for yourself by making sure we have your details.  We send out MOT reminders.
  • Don’t be tempted to drive your car with an expired MOT. Your insurance will be invalid, and you could be fined up to £1,000. The only time you can legally drive without an MOT is if you are taking your vehicle to a garage for a pre-booked test. 
  • Do check your horn is working.  A faulty horn will result in a fail. 
  • Don’t mistake an MOT for a service. An MOT does not cover the engine, clutch or gearbox. 
  • Do think ahead. You can book your test a month before it expires and keep the same expiry date. March and September are exceptionally busy MOT months, so it's wise to book early. 

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