Vehicle Valentines

We love our cars – of course we do, we’re surrounded by cars all day every day, but we’re not alone.

Lots of our customers have names for their cars and like to treat them every now and then to a wash, valet, perhaps the more expensive fuel…..

Let’s face it, we rely on our cars to get us about, to be there ready to go when we need them. We buy our friends and loved ones little treats to show how much they are appreciated. Why not do the same for your car? And the best bit… won’t be in trouble with your car if you are a day or two late with your gift!!

Here are just a few suggestions for ways to love your car:

  • Check up on how your car is. Even a basic winter check is better than nothing. It’s easy to check some of it yourself, but if you don’t fancy crawling round trying to undo tyre valves in the cold, then head over to either of our Orchard Garage Limited branches at Park Road or Heath Lane. As part of our winter check, we look at tyres (both pressures and tread), your antifreeze strength (don’t want anything locking up in the cold weather), wipers, lights and the battery condition. Our Winter Check is a free service, we just ask that you book. We don’t charge fitting on wipers and most bulbs.


  • Of course, if you really want to pamper your beloved, then book a service. This one’s a win, win as we have Orchard Garage gift vouchers for either MOT’s or services. Just make sure your partner is as mad about their vehicle as you are! Seriously though, it is so important to get your vehicle serviced regularly. Not only from a safety point of view but all the parts we change do vital jobs to keep your car running. Just think about oil. Would you cook a fry up with the same oil time after time? It starts off golden and fluid and ends up black and clumpy. Same with engine oil. Imagine what that is doing to all of the components its passes through!!


  • A new set of wipers can make all the difference. They get split over time and you don’t always realise, especially at this time of year, how bad a job they are doing. During sub-zero temperatures, they stick to the screen and little bits get torn off as you turn them on. All the salt and mud coming up from the roads won’t clear fully with damaged wipers, so it is money well spent. We don’t charge fitting on our wipers, only for the wipers themselves and we hold a stock of them so we can usually get you back on the road quickly.


  • Headlamp units get misty over time, but fear not – they can usually be polished to restore them to their former bright-eyed beauty. You can buy special restoration kits if you’d prefer to do it yourself, or for just £38.20 incl. we can do it for you.


  • Lastly on my suggestions list is a good old-fashioned wash. Dingey mornings and gloomy evenings mean lights are very important to see and be seen. If your vehicle is so filthy, the light lens’s are covered, it greatly increases your risk of being involved in an accident. Plus, doesn’t any vehicle look better, with all the road dirt gone? And although the grit and salt helps keep traffic moving, it doesn’t do a lot for bodywork, much better to wash it off every now and then.

Happy Valentines Day!

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